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Canadian Olympic Pentathlete Joshua RIker-Fox

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Joshua's Blog

Winter Penting in Europe

The last two weeks were a really good early season test of where I am at. I went to Paris for a training camp, with team mate Kelly and coach Denis. We trained at INSEP which is the national sport centre in France and is filled with super athletes across a number of sports. There were a lot of highlights. For sure, training in such a nice facility was one – basically all sports are represented there. The track is housed in a very cool building; imagine a big track, with then a small banked track inside it and a shortened velodrome for cyclists.

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Training in a Different Land

Hello. I left Canada Wednesday to train in Paris and to do a small training comp here (with Kelly Fitzsimmons and coach Denis). We are at INSEP which is their National Sport Centre.

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Going to Winnipeg! Well, leaving actually...

Leaving Winnipeg following the Bison Classic track meet, the same feeling I after  the last few weekends hit me – happy to put together decent performances but certainly leaving a lot to be desired. Out of necessity (but also cause I really enjoy it), I compete a lot in the individual events in the early season. The last  weekends have looked like Edmonton – Portland – Edmonton – Montreal – Winnipeg, for individual event meets.

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Different Week, Different Bed. Sport is Elitist...

My focus during this part of the season is typically in the individual events. I try to compete a ton to get in the quality work that will have me ready for full pentathlon's. This has been one of the privileges of the sport as I've been adopted in so many different sport communities. Two weeks ago I was in Edmonton for a track meet, which is where I am departing from today after another meet. In between I was in Portland for a fencing tourney. All very cool experiences. I am running well, after 5 events in 14 days, I am happy with 4 of them.

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Crisp Air, November Run

Last week I started back to training, lightly. This week, a little more pressure. It's a nice time of year in some ways (despite cold and lack of sunlight) because I return to a routine I've known for years. I returned to our indoor track at the Olympic Oval and because of the transition that the XC runners are doing now, I was on my own running through our normal warmup path. Normally I'd rather have the group, but it was a good time to run alone through the dark, cold, crisp, but special route.

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