First Meet of the Season Done

We are wrapped up in Palm Springs now. I finished 4th, so out of the medals. It was a good meet considering I am not rested and came to get an early season run through. Felt I met my goals in each area. Never an exciting story when I describe it this way, but the reality is a lot of the competitions we do are just to get valuable experience.

My objectives here were to get riding lesson's from Michael Cintas at ECI Stables and to get practice with the new laser pistols that are being implemented. Well, I got my lessons, but unfortunately the laser pistols didn't make it out of Munich (customs) so that was a failure. O well, still good to compete at any time. And I'm sore, which means my body will really benefit from it.

We had an awesome dinner at my family friends, where we've resided all week. Superb finish to a good four days. Donna and I have a lesson tomorrow morning at 6:30 and then we get on our respective flights and return to Canada. Burrrr. Thanks for checking in. Josh.