Riding and training in general are going really well at this camp outside Rome. The pentathlon centre here is pretty cool - everything is on site and it's pretty small and quaint with about 10 rooms for guests. I lifted weights yesterday and the equipment was super old-school. The best part of lifting was the ''Impossible is Nothing'' Adidas poster hanging in this little gym. I thought that was a good source of inspiration while lifting alone.

Training has been good, access to everything I need (except internet). With two rides a day, and other work, it is very tiring. I am having so much fun though. We ride a different horse each day for each lesson. We are focusing on jumper work, but have also been out on the natural course a lot too. There is a big (320 acre) area with cross country jumps filling it in. I believe the European Championships for three-day eventing recently took place here. Sadly, a young Austrian died at the event on course while overtaking an obstacle. The facility is the Monteliberetti Riding School and is a military zone. The permanent athletes here are military, but are able to focus on their riding careers.

I can't post any photos yet because the internet is brutal, but I will surely do it when I get back. I have two full days of training remaining then back to Calgary for two days. Following that I am in Gaitneau and Ottawa for the AthletesCAN Forum and training for 10 days. Lots to look forward to. Will make the best of the next two days. Thanks for taking part.