And I'm Spent...

I think this was week one back at it, as far as near-full training. Load is probably 85%. Everything hurts, top to bottom, that started Tuesday which wasn't a great sign for the week ahead. I lacked any speed in the pool from the accumulated fatigue, but it's all good - that's how things start out till I adapt.

I had a funny thought in the pool this week, that came from somewhere down deep. It was the statement "I can't." Fortunately I wasn't conciously saying it with reference to the workout, but it kinda felt like my brain was looking at different options in dealing with the current bout of stress, exploring different avenues.

And those words popped up as an outlet; not really an outlet for me, but one that exists amongst the infinite possibilities mid-workout -> swim faster, swim slower, stop swimming, shower break, start crying, start laughing.... I dunno, pretty sure I've seen them all with my teammates in the past. I didn't give it any weight, but it made me feel good, because I realize how I do not divert to those words. They are so limiting. Anyway, I found humour in that, amidst the world of other pain in the moment.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow, and on Monday I'm going up to Banff with my Dino trackies for a run and some fun in the moutains. Should be awesome! Next Sunday I go to Italy for a week for a riding camp. Should be interesing - no idea what accomodation or food is like as it's all set up by the Italian Federation. Crossing my fingers as it could be an amazing experience or underwhelming.

Gotta get to bed. Have some stories to share, but not now. Wishing the best for Canada at Commonwealth Games. Last I saw, we were 4th in medal standings. Australia was first by a lot. Cheering on Effah, Forrester, Morningstar, Hare. Check out the attached video. Funny one I found from CANfund.