It's About Time I Put This Down

Hi friends. This is a late post, really late. For those that don't know - I didn't qualify for London.


And I've delayed writing this because pretty much every thought of the Games takes the wind out of my sail. I know it'll improve, just a time of mourning for those who aren't there. Gets more difficult with increased media (and lol media requests...) but Opening Ceremonies are tomorrow.... I think the healing begins when the Games close. Ahhhh, I love the Olympics, so wish I was there. My mom described it well; on the best days it feels like everyone's at a party you didn't get invited to, on the worst, it feels like someone close passed away. I guess that's how pervasive and important this journey is to those on it. And my mom, and family, to which I am grateful. Part of the reason I delayed so much in writing this is that I have so much on my mind regarding the journey and reflecting on it. Important stuff, but I haven't been sure how to put it down or when to, or what's even appropriate. I will though, in time. For now, I take the responsibility for not being the best I could have been this time. And I am cheering hard for my friends and the Canadian team members in London. I know I am on the outside of the party, but still wishing the athletes inside a great time.

I am going to cheat a bit and expedite expressing some of what's going on now. It's from an interview with one of my good friends and a sponsor (Steve Adam and adamlabs). This interview was pretty cool (as you'll see if you visit his other interviews). Interview -

And on a final good note - a big thank you to ARC Resources in Calgary, who are a new supporter! (
Take care friends. Enjoy the two weeks ahead, it flies by. J