Application for the International Olympic Academy's Session for Young Participants

I love the Olympic Games and have had a passion from a young age. My life seems to have a srong affinity toward understanding Olympic matters.

 Participating in the IOA's Young Participant Session is the natural stepping point from what I've experienced thus far as a sportsperson and Olympian. From a very young age, Olympism has captivated me. Vivid childhood memories (1988 Calgary Games, meeting pentathlete Ian Soellner who competed in the 1992 Barcelona Games, 1996 Atlanta Opening ceremonies) set the lifelong tone of Olympic inquiry. My studies touched on the Olympic movement and my passion for sport marketing stemmed from the complex challenge of promoting performance sport from the youth levels to the elite. Fortunately through this journey I've had mentors who shared in the curiosity - my educators, and mentors. One mentor, Tom Ponting (3x Olympic medalist swimming), who coached me for five years, spent hours with me post workout debating the changes and future of the Olympic movement. Taking part in the Youth Olympic Symposium at COP was another great setting to explore theses topics. These are very special memories for me.

I suspect coming from a sport so tightly related to the bloodlines of the Olympic Games thanks to Pierre de Coubertin, drew me further into the Olympic narrative. I am certainly not blind to the challenges within the Olympic movement and perhaps that's why I am further keen on this opportunity. In applying, I thought I'd post share my video publicly (scroll to bottom if you can't see it on your screen yet).