A number of people have influenced my current philosophy - from past coaches like Tom Ponting (3 x Olympic medallist, swimming) and Dr. Monika Schloder (Olympic swimmer and a university professor of mine), to idols like Laurie Schong (pentathlete and fencer, and first Canadian to contest two sports at one Olympic Games - 1992), to my parents who taught me that hard work prevails. These people, and many others, have had varying influences but all have significantly impacted my personal and athletic philosophy. The general themes I strive to be conscious of include tenacity, commitment, and resiliance. These are all critical to successful relationships, motivation, and performing at my very best.

I do not have a specific mission statement but an evolving list of principles and values:

  • To honourably represent my country, my community, my family, and my sport
  • Value perseverance and maintain faith that hard work pays off
  • Encourage others to partake in my journey

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